Montessori preschool materials – Early literacy – Feel and learn sandpaper letter printables (Upper case)

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After spending a lot of time sourcing for good quality sandpaper letters, I realized its probably more economical to make our own, and came up with a template we could use.

This printable consists of 26 uppercase alphabets for preparing sandpaper letters and directions for its use.

Hope it comes in handy! Please try it and post your experience on IG #loveyblossoms. Feedback is very welcome too!




Things you need

  • Twenty blue 300 gsm A5 cardstock or ten blue 300 gsm A4 cardstock cut in half
  • Six pink A5 cardstock or Three pink 300 gsm A4 cardstock and cut in half
  • Approx 13 A4 sized sandpaper or equivalent


  • Print the attached template on 250 gsm cardstock and cut out the letters.
  • Using the letters as a template, trace the letters on sandpaper and cut them out. The cardstock letters can be used for other activities.
  • Paste the vowels and letter y on the pink cardstock.
  • Paste the consonants on the blue cardstock.

How to use

  • Choose 3 sandpaper letters you would want to teach for the week. Depending on the age of your child, it is best to start with a group of 3 letters and repeat them regularly.
  • Using your pointer and middle finger, state the phonetic sound and trace the 1st letter 3 times. Ask the child to repeat tracing the same letter.
  • Now, state one of phonetic sounds and ask your child to identify and trace the letter. Eg. “Trace /k/”
  • Repeat this for the other two letters.
  • Lastly, ask the child to pick a letter and tell you the phonetic sound of the letter he/she is tracing.
  • When the child is able to complete all three letters and tell you the correct sound, you may move on to the next three letters.
  • It is important to repeat this regularly.
  • Within the same day, allow the child to trace the letters on a few different surfaces.



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