Preschool Montessori tools and learning toys for kids and toddlers

Matching Eggs shapes and color sorter

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Five Star Easter Egg puzzle game for kids and toddlers!

LB Shapes

Learn Shapes

EARLY MATHEMATICS SKILLS - Hone your child's observation and mathematical skills through learning and differentiating between 12 different shapes.

LB Color

Learn Colors

BRIGHT and ATTRACTIVE - A carefully designed toy to help preschoolers learn their colors and improve matching skills in the Montessori way. 12 cute eggs come in 6 different colors.

egg shapes with carton

Pretend Play

TOOL that LASTS - Older kids can also join in pretend-play fun, buying and serving eggs from the sturdy good quality egg carton.

Montessori toys matching eggs shapes colours

Creative play

PAINT and STAMP - Occupy your child for hours creating artwork by painting on the eggs, or using the shapes as stamps to design patterns

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